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Special Guest Instrucors

Mrs. Trudy Carroll


4th Degree Black Belt

Ms. Carroll has over 17 years of experience with Bendell Karate. She works as a veterinary assistant helping many animals that she loves so deeply. In 2000, at 55 years of age, she was the Colorado State Champion in 39+ Women's Division in sparring.  World Black Belt honored her as Female Martial Artist of the Month in June 2000 . She stated, "I was 50 yrs old when I took up Song Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do with Bendell Karate. I received my black belt in 4 yrs; not bad for an 'Old Woman'. People laugh when I say that, but I'm proud of my accomplishments. I believe the Martial Arts is what is keeping me going, both mentally and physically. Even though I had shoulder surgery in 2001, and after that, back surgery, I can still function very well. I attribute this to the martial arts, which keeps me fit. I also feel that every child should have some form of the martial arts for self-protection, and especially for the self-confidence and discipline that they build."

Mrs. Karen Shaw


2nd Degree Black Belt


Ms. Shaw grew up in Washington and Oregon states. She originally trained in Aikido in Klamath Falls , Oregon for a year and joined Bendell Karate in early 2003. . A professional photographer, graphic artist, she is the official photographer and graphic artist for Bendell Karate and for Don Bendell, the author/speaker, as well as office manager at Bendell Karate.


Ms. Kristen Colvin


2nd Degree Black Belt

Kristen Colvin is a very popular instructor, who is also a classical pianist, accomplished singer, and is currently a graduate college student who has traveled extensively to places like Korea and Europe. She has worked for years with autistic children, learning at the side of her mother who is an MD who specializes in autistic children. She is also an expert with the bo (staff) and helps with the Mini-Ninja program, too. A perfectionist, Ms. Colvin is tough on herself and expects and gets the very best from students,



Ms. Colvin is currently on leave of absence from Bendell Karate while pursuing her Masters Degree in Washington state.


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