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Mr. Paul Motto

1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Paul Motto has been involved in the martial arts since he was young.  Mr. Motto has studied Taekwando, Chinese Kenpo, American Freestyle Karate, Kickboxing and Mauy Thai.


During his tenure in the martial arts, Mr. Motto has taught many different disciplines.  He has held classes in Arnis (Escrima) Stick fighting, Iron Hands where he taught students how to strengthen thier hands for board and brick breaking, and even some basics of Tai Chi.


After many years of studying Martial Arts styles Mr. Motto decided to step away from those disciplines and focus on Kickboxing and Mauy Thai.  He was partners in a successful Kickboxing school where they trained fighters young and old to fight at the amature and pro levels.  During that time he helped train an 8 year old that became a peewee Arizona State Champion as well as two brothers that became State and US Champions.


Mr. Motto has a great passion for teaching and seeing others succeed with knowledge he can pass along.  


Mr. Motto also has a young son that is also a student at Bendell Karate.  





Grandmaster Don Bendell has learned from a number of martial artists, but his only recognized instructor has been for decades and remains former World Champion Grandmaster Bob Chaney of Temecula, California.

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