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Southern Colorado's Premier Martial Arts School for over 25 Years

Florence Fitness at Bendell Karate offers a full gym with 24 hour access as well as a number of professional instructor led group classes and personal training.
We offer a free weight room with two squat racks, smith machine, and leg sled. We have flat benches, incline, decline, and preacher bench.  More plates than you could ever need, 5-105 pound pro style dumbbells, 8-45 pound kettle bells, medicine balls and more.
 Located at 115 E Main Street,  Suite 11, Florence, CO 81226
 We have a rear entrance and  parking off of E 2nd Street.
We have a number of station machines, peck deck, abductor/adductor, horizontal squat to name a few and a 6 station cable crossover.  
Our cardio area has three treadmills, two elepticals, stair climber, and seated bike.
We offer a number of pieces not listed that will meet all your fitness needs.
For more information please contact 719-371-0313.  We will be happy to set up a tour.
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