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Southern Colorado's Premier Martial Arts School for over 25 Years

Mr. Sean Westbrook

4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Westbrook lives in Pueblo and works as a financial advisor and is owner of the Westbrook Group in Pueblo. He attended Horizon High School in Denver and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance at Metro State University in Denver . Mr. Westbrook started training in Tae Kwon Do in Denver in 1991, followed by training in various martial arts weaponry. He joined Bendell Karate as a black belt in February of 2006. Being a black belt has enhanced every area of his life, according to Mr. Westbrook who is the son of a Vietnam veteran. He married a beautiful wife who was born and raised in China, and he likes to visit there with her. Mr. Westbrook is particularly fond of teaching weapons classes at Bendel Karate.

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