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Southern Colorado's Premier Martial Arts School for over 25 Years

Mrs. Lynn VanNattan

3rd Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Lynn VanNattan began studying martial arts in 1979 in Denver, CO.   She studied traditional karate until she relocated to Fort Collins.  It was here that she continued her training and started taking Taekwondo classes.  Mrs. VanNattan also studied Kempo in Greeley CO.  

Mrs. VanNattan earned her first 1st degree black belt with the Universal Taekwondo Federation in Reno, NV, in 1997.  When she returned to Colorado she joined the ATA (American Taekwondo Association), where she became a 1st degree black belt in their system, and eventually achieved 3rd degree in 2005. 

Through the years Mrs. VanNattan has taken many eclectic karate classes throughout the Colorado area before retiring to Pueblo.   Mrs. VanNattan became associated with Bendell Karate in 2014 though the Pueblo West Parks & Rec program.  Currenlty Mrs. VanNattan teaches at the Parks & Rec program as well as the school in Pueblo West.


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